We are Baked & Brew

Baked was founded in 2017 by Kate Holland as a catering bakery business in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Kate relocated to Napa Valley, California to expand her baking & pastry skills. There she met fellow pastry chef, Nicole Appels who had just arrived from Cape Town, South Africa. Quickly turning from friends to family, the two bakers combined their talents and shared their creations with the Santa Fe community. While both pastry chefs are formally trained, they make a perfect sweet and savory balance with their specialties. Kate creates all of our artisanal breads, and viennoiserie, and will oversee the cafe production, while Nicole will be in charge of all confectionary, delectable pastries, and sweet bites.

For us, Baked & Brew is a place to explore, enjoy, and create unique baked goods to share with our neighbors. We use traditional baking methods but try not to follow conventions or stick to definitions and just happily create things that we love. We're sure you will too!